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Mad about RIO 2
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# Hi there! (๑•́ ω •̀๑) You can call me Pooh or Polaris, I am just an spanish girl who loves drawing animals, mostly Lion King stuff, but also felines and canines and other fanarts.
I like to draw pixel icons too, cute things but sometimes gore ones too ಠﭛಠ
I am kind of shy, though I like to talk with friendly people ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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If you are a fan of the movies RIO and RIO 2, you should definetely take a look at this artist! ->ValsiDalVer 


:bulletblue:Some of the incredible fanarts he has done::bulletblue:

Rio2 Scene two Blu, Jewel, Roberto by ValsiDalVerDon't fear by ValsiDalVerRio 2 romantic scene Jewel and Roberto by ValsiDalVerrio2_character_Enrique_01 by ValsiDalVerRio 2  Blu by ValsiDalVerRio 2 Roberto by ValsiDalVerRio 2 Jewel by ValsiDalVer

Rio 2014 by…
Firts of all, I must say there were things I liked from the movie, and some others that sadly, disappointed me.
I will begin with the things I DID NOT like about this sequel; for me, my great deception were Bia, Carla and Tiago... They were only importanta characters until Jewel finds the Spix macaw's tribe in the Amazon, the rest of the movie they are just secondary characters with few screentime and fewer lines. Their personalities aren't also very interesting: Tiago and Bia are like Bart and Lisa Simpson with blue feathers, the male is mischievous and likes to annoy his father, while the girl is a smarty that is always with a book, and most of her lines began with a "Did you know...?". Carla (the chubby female) is the only one that I found more interesting, but not too much; she likes music, she dance and sings like her mother, and she's a bit... emo? because it seems she doesn't like to spend time with her family... So cliché.

Rio 2 ft Mimi by MelySkyThe other character I didn't like was Mimi, Jewel's aunt and Eduardo's older sister. In her official nio in RIO 2's official site, it says: "Mimi is Eduardo's funny, older sister and self- appointed advisor. While the Macaw tribe members respect and fear Eduardo and obey his every rule, Mimi is the only one brassy enough to challenge him and give him a piece of her mind. Mimi lovingly welcomes both Jewel and Blu with open arms and tries to smooth over the conflict between Blu and Eduardo. She reminds her headstrong brother that despite what he may think of his new son-in-law, he must accept the fact that Jewel is all grown up and has another man in her life." And you know what? She does NOT do anything like this! She doesn't try to "smooth" the conflict between Eddie and Blu and she's a secondary character that got a few lines, most of them when Jewel returns to the Spix macaw's tribe and Mimi welcomes her. Other thing I didn't like, is that she was shown as an old and a bit mad woman with sentences like "I knew you were coming, I saw it in the droppings" ¬¬ CLICHÉ. Of course, because she is single, she must be a bit loony, huh?
Trailer : Rio 2 by reenukamal

About the argument, I can understand the main villain being a man that works at felling tress, causing the Amazon's deforstation, yeah, but... Blu leading the Spix macaw's to attack the lumberjacks? Isn't it a bit forced? Blu isn't a leader, he can't lead his own family most of the times... and suddenly even Eduardo decides to follow the chaotic Blu? Ok, ok, he's the main character of the movies, but... this is so cliché I can't stand it. The same happens with the speech Blu says to the other spix macaws just before the fight about... I fell that in this sequel, RIO has become a more childish movie, full of stereotypes, even Nigel is more of a clown in the sequel than the terrified cockatoo he was in the first film!
And not to mention that doing Jewel and Blu the last of their species and then in the sequel there are lots of Spix macaws is something also very cliché. They did it in Ice Age (Manny and Ellie), Eragon (the books), etc, etc...

When my friends and I left the cinema, a friend of mine said to me "This movie is just like Avatar. They are blue, he doesn't fit in the group and isn't accepted, but she is welcomed. Then, the humans try to destroy their home and they fight agaisnt them and eventually win" and I was like "OMG O.o Its true!"

BUT, there were also things I liked and, Oh, I was surprised by these!
First of all; Eduardo and Roberto. I thought Roberto was just the handsome guy with no brain at all, but (thanks God!) he was not. He is smart, brave and pretty, although I would like his "dark secret" to be really "dark", because being trapped by the humans and being a bit mad (because he surely spend most of than time caught in a cage and all his food were just crackers) is more of a traumatic experience than a dark secret. About Eduardo, I really liked his doubts about Blu, he tries to understands him but he can't stand Blu being so attached to humans, although he want his daughter to be happy, and for that he should accept Blue into the tribe.
Other surprise I really liked were the Scarlet Macaw's tribe being rivals to the Spix, and I found Felipe a really interesting character! Not to say than "Felipe" is a very common spanish name, so it was very funny to hear his name "Felipe" repeated again and again by Roberto :XD:
The Amazon in general was also a great background to let the story happens, although now the name "RIO" doesn't make sense, as it seems thet Blu and Jewel will finally stay in the Amazon, so I hope they will return to RIO in the third film (if there's one), 'cause Rio's landscapes in the first movie were just gorgeous.

In conclusion, I think RIO 2 is way more childish and family-targeted movie than RIO was, so it can be a bit annoying for teenagers or adults, 'cause this time there are more clichés and stereotypes that are perfect for kids but not for other audiences.
I don't say it is bad, because it is not, but it could be a lot better, it has lost some of the essence of the first film, and is more predictable than its predecessor. It is full of silly jokes and stupid scenes of Pedro falling over Nico, Nigel's personality turned into a kind of failed villain, the almost non-existent relationship between Blu and his children (why all of them have a "special bond" with their mother and "love to spend time with her"? What about Blu? None of his kids love him?).
But there are also beautiful backgrounds, with more songs and dance scenes (I loved the "Beautiful Creatures" song + scene), the soccer match between Roberto and Felipe, Jewel's relatives, brazilian music with such a great rhythm and some lyrics in portuguese.

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